How to building your own dog kennel KBD

For quite some time we’ve been using a homemade kennel that we built about five or six years ago and it has been great for our dogs. But time has left a few marks and as it was the first homemade kennel we’ve built, some things could definitely have been improved. So this time we come well prepared in terms of equipment and material.

A normal dog kennel works great for Karelian bear dogs

First off I want to say that it is fully doable to hold your Karelian bear dog in a normal dog kennel. What made us go with a homemade solution is because they tend to be a bit expensive. At least if you want a larger more stable unit. First, we were thinking about getting the K9 which should be one of the best dog kennels according to Florida Dog Mag, but we came to the conclusion that the price tag was just too expensive and we could build our dogs a luxury home with that budget. So we started to look at a bunch of different chain link dog kennels but most of them just seemed a bit too weak and unstable for our dogs.

Preparation is key to a successful result


So we started preparing ourselves by buying the material we needed and lending tools from our neighbors and friends. Luckily some of them asked if they could lend us a helping hand in building the thing, and of course, we happily said yes. This is the type of things we set out to find:

This is the material we used:

Rust proof steel link fence

  • Wood
  • Steel Wire
  • Metal roof
  • Locking mechanism
  • A lot of screws
  • Anchors

The tools needed:

  • Saw
  • Screwmachine
  • Screwdriver

The kennel building process was simple

Build away!

We set out to build a somewhat large enclosure for our dogs but we soon found out that we might have been counting a bit too high for what we actually needed. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. So after we put out all the poles we figured that to decrease the two poles in the back by 3 feet so that we got down to around 12×14 feet instead of 15×14 which were way too big in my opinion.

After that, we started putting up the poles in all 4 edges of our somewhat square formed kennel. We then anchored them with cement anchors which should be able to withhold a heavy storm or two. Then comes the funny part, creating the door and somewhere for you to fasten it. It is a joke by the way. Before we started it felt kinda of simple, a wooden frame, two more wooden poles attached to the ground with a plank on top. The other story is that it wasn’t simple. For the door to be able to open and close, putting a lock on it etc was probably the most annoying with the whole construction. I highly recommend you to find an easier way, even though it feels much simpler now when you’ve done it once. Probably won’t take even 40% of the time it did the first time.

Well, enough with the freaking door. The time had come to untangle and start putting up all the steel wire that will now hold our dogs inside the kennel. Choose something rust-proof for the sake of it, the weather is harsh sometimes and having a kennel that starts to rust after a year or two will probably not make it as cost effective as it can be.

After that, the only thing left to do was to attach the roof. We tightened it to the fence with some steel wire and then just screw it into the wooden poles standing in each corner, simple as can be. The inner poles were about 3 inches higher than the front poles which give the roof a little incline so that water runs right off into the side. There we have a little incline on the yard too so the water won’t find its way into the kennel.

Building completed. We have our kennel and it’s looking good even though its home made by some amateurs and friends.

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