DIY- How to Make Cute Sushi Panda Bears?

Welcome back to my post!

Today I’m going to show you how to make a cute little panda sushi bear using this kit I found on Amazon.
It was only like three or four dollars and possibly the best investment I ever made.

Now if you want to get the same one that I ‘ve got here, then I’ll leave a link in the description below where you can find it, or the top left the corner of your screen.

Let’s get going, let’s make it happen!Okay start by taking the panda cutting tool which is this part with the little teeth onside to cut the Nori, and you just want to take your silicon mat as well which comes with the kit and just line up the Nori sheet with the silicon mat to use the most of it.
screenshot-www-bear-dogs-com-2016-10-25-14-43-47Just place your cutting tool on top and then press down and move around pressing down until you don’t hear anymore cracking noises.

The cracking noises are when you’re cutting the Nori, and then just lift up and Voilá.

Half of the components will just fall out on their own if you’ve done this right and the rest of them you just have to softly remove out of the Nori, making sure not to tear them.

This one feels a little bit tough and just removing it softly.

Be very careful not to tear any of the components, especially the center one, the long one here that I’m taking out right now.

It’s very, very fragile and it normally tears if you don’t take care.

There we go it came out perfectly.

I’m going to take the little panda eye patches out – great.

Okay, now I’ve removed all the components, and I’ve got them all here ready for assembly in a bit.

Now I’m going to make the sushi rice panda mold, for that you take the other three parts of the kit and you just take the front face, and you place it in first, then you want to take some cooked and seasoned sushi rice and just pack it in nice and tightly.

Once it’s packed in nice and tightly you take the back end which has a little handle, and you just press it in and compress the two components together just like so, then once it’s compressed you just remove it out and separate them out and the bear should come out just like this.

Okay, then you just take your Nori cutouts and place the panda face down and just take the longest part and center up with the middle and then curve it round all the way to the front.

Now it’s worth noting my hands are a little bit wet, so the sushi rice doesn’t stick to it, and so I can pick up the Nori just like so.

Then this is just a little panda eye patch; you just place it where you think the eyes will be, and take the other one and place it directly opposite.

Then take the nose patch and place it right on the peak right there– okay great.

Now I’m going to take the feet components and place one on this side and take the other foot element and place it just on the opposite side just like I did the another one.

Okay, now I’m going to put it upright, it looks like a sweet little cute bear at this point.
screenshot-www-amazon-com-2016-10-25-14-42-26I’m going to take the panda ears and line it up and then fold it over on both sides, just like so and then I’m going to do the same with the other ear component, line it up and then fold it over both sides and press it on so it stays on.

Then place it on its front again and just put the tail – and Voilá, you have a beautiful little panda sushi bear you can play with or make a small army of them.

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